To continue my quest to find companionship.

After filling all the mandatory fields on said dating site – most being the usual, you know eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, shoe size, pubic hair…… oh wait!!! ….. different site…

Anyway after all the relevant, and irrelevant information, it then suggests you may stand more of a chance of meeting someone, if you upload some photographs, that’s no problem I thought to myself.. onward to the next stage…

The site suggested 8 to 16 images…..WHAAAAA!!!!!

Who the fuck has 8 – 16 photos of themselves?…. Maybe I should rephrase that question – Who the fuck has that many photos of themselves they are willing to publish on a dating site? Nearly all my pictures have family in them,they are personal; the others look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards!!

After sifting through, I found 3, fairly ok photos then took the plunge and up they went. In my opinion if you are so shallow to need a port folio, my life story, my financial history and my psychiatric state (surprised it did not ask my preferred sexual position or any fetishes I may have?) to decide if I’m good enough to meet, then fuck you and jog on mate, that would make you unsuitable for me!!!


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