Need a bit of a chat and a cuddle at times, being single’s all good if you’re that way inclined. Let’s look for a ‘soulmate’  if you will, Mr Right. Signed up for a swim on a free dating site.

So, after the sign up, which is really quite nosey, pictures uploaded, all’s looking rosey. With ‘matches’ impending, excitement approaching, I swallow my pride, then ventured on in.

Some profiles are honest which is heart warming, others are strange,really quite alarming. The minute I entered said online site, thousands can see me, like I’ve turned on a light.

It seems it’s an invite for people to look, then message me with words like “Would you blow me or suck” Well I’m up for some banter, but that’s just plain rude, so scroll on down you sick fuckin’ dude.

I’ll continue my quest, one day, well, who knows? Might meet a man, where a relationship grows. Until that time arises, I’ll still live as I wish, but continue scrolling through profiles on ‘Plenty of Fish.’


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