”Old age is no place for sissies”Bette Davis (part 2)

I also realize as you become older you careless about other peoples’ opinions of you.

If you want to talk about me, so be it. If you feel the need to ‘slag’ me off, so be it. If you do not like me… Who gives a shit? I certainly don’t.. I know that, as I have aged my purpose in life is not to please you.

I also find my mother seems to be talking out of my mouth, I say things waaay before I’ve let my brain filter through the sentences, therefore, it appears I am too blunt in my conversations, I often, not only, put my foot in my mouth, but half way down my throat!!!

Sadly, lack of moisture in our female bodies is another ageing problem, so just imagine…. anywhere in your body which may have natural body fluids, seems dryer, hair, eyes, skin and yes! you got it!!! even your penis fly trap is affected!!! I don’t think I need to tell you this could cause ‘awkward’ moments in a relationship. Alongside this issue (In my case ) lack of sexual interest, to be honest (not that I have a choice at this time being single and all) but I could take it or leave, it seems the flower in my garden no longer needs watering, it’s grown, bloomed and is now shedding it’s petals, if you know what I mean….

Along comes ‘gravity’…’What a bitch that is!!’ So it is not enough that in our younger years we firstly go through childbirth,  then we have to endure the menopause, to top it all off we have our breasticles punctured and lowered without a kiss my ass or nothing… My theory is that boobs are really a female form of bollocks, just they are too big to hang outside our foo foos’

At times, my mobility is quite a challenge  it seems I am unable to move well without sound effects, if I’m not ‘ooohing’ and ‘ahhing’  my bones are clicking or creeking.  I’m thinking, my chances of being a ninja warrior have diminished… I would never be able to sneak up on anyone these days!!

On the plus side of ageing because you careless you laugh more, the fact that  I laugh so hard the tears roll down my legs is completely irrelevant!!


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