Life’s a ‘Bitch’

I think we should sort something out right now…to sum up ones’ life..

If it was not for bad luck I would have NO luck at all.. Everyone needs to realize ‘shit happens’ then you die…. As simple as that.

The crap between birth and death has to be tolerated (before I get moaned at , this is MY cynical opinion.) Nothing in life is ever easy, apparently if it is you’re doing it wrong. Life is a challenge…Really ???? just the 1 ???? Nooooooo!!!! Life is ALL ¬†challenging and a tedious endurance most of the time.

Life long question… What is our purpose? Most honest answer I can think of is… ‘Fuck Knows!!!’

To me, life (with the exception of my children) seems to be a stream of disappointing events. One day everything is going to plan, coping well with life and the trials which ultimately occur ,quite nicely. ( Thank-you) then Bang!!!!! Where the fuck did that bloody great brick wall come from?

I am well aware I never do things easily but there is difficult, then there is bloody impossible!!! I seem to hit the latter more often than not…I think this stems from my oddly dysfunctional family.. you know the usual… Aunt Bet won’t speak to Uncle Fred because he said something untoward to her 20 years ago, Aunt Jean and her cousin Jack ran off into the sunset together… and we never talk about Grandads’ antics any more…

So I believe challenges run in the family. When you think you conquered that brick wall, guaranteed another is right round the corner ready to stop you in your tracks, turn you round to another direction, location, pace….Why??? Why does life do that to us????? because life is a bitch!!! that’s why!!!!

I have certainly met my match!!!!!


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