Weirdly Me!

So I’m actually thinking I am a very ‘odd’ person. (Anybody that knows me personally, can stop laughing now) Let’s not beat around the bush.. I can be very abrupt, which probably comes across as rude….I have a cynical mind… my view of people, life, emotions is very different from the ‘norm’ me thinks… I cannot and will not sugar coat shit for you…

This, I believe, helps me through my retail job at present…. so I have always been interested in people… not talking to them..uuggghh!!! no… but imagining their lifestyles. Believe it or not. this can be fun, especially if they are uptight and rude…At my place of work a regular, rude, confrontational couple, pretty much moan about anything and everything.. my colleagues do not like to assist these people.. however, maybe my twisted mind tolerates them, because, in my weird little brain, I imagine them as ‘swingers,’ maybe frustrated ‘doggers’ which in turn helps me view them in a different light, and easier to assist.

I find myself returning rudeness to rude people, it (to me) is instinctual. Not always a good thing when you work in retail, but actually I am still a humanish being, therefore you will get as good as you give from me, to my knowledge we do not have a ‘Let’s abuse the staff day’ yet or ‘All assholes welcome.’

The counter between a customer and myself seems to encourage them to behave like utter twats. In my mind they probably have meaningless jobs, or crappy home lives which fuel this behavior. The funniest thing about working is how many lay people like to tell you how to do your job.. maybe I’ll do that on another blog.









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