To finish my blog, I have written a ditty, I hope you enjoy this.

Greying hair, a wrinkly face, aching joints, a slower pace. Losing control of some bodily parts, needing a cough but it ends with a fart.

Failing eyesight, dryer skin, unwanted hair, trouble hearing.. Just a few joys which come with ageing.

We can disguise grey hair, suck in the midrift, pull back the wrinkles with a surgical lift. We try to stay young, keep up with the trends, though I’m not sure how to cease the use of ‘Depends’*

With age comes laughter, wit, sarcasm, honest opinions… maybe an orgasm??? is that what I meant or maybe what I need? I really should go now.. I think I just peed!!!

*Depends.. a brand name for incontinence pads.